ALTA is soliciting current articles relating to the teaching of all African languages and membership news for inclusion in its Spring 2019 newsletter edition.

This is your chance to share your contributions and engagement in the promotion of the learning and teaching of African languages with your colleagues in ALTA and the rest of the world.  We are looking for articles on all African languages taught as foreign languages. We may accept articles that profile a given institution and its African languages program.

Articles should be:

Related to students, academic programs such as study abroad initiatives, cultural excursions, extracurricular events, scholarly conferences, service learning, institutional collaborations in the area of African languages both local and international and any other general current happenings.

200-300 words in a word document and may include a small graphic or event photo  (Submit article and graphic as separate attachments-graphic must be in a pdf, doc, docx, jpeg, and png format, 1 MB max).

All articles are gratefully received, but owing to space and editorial consideration all may not be published in the newsletter. 

ALTA would also like the opportunity to highlight member news on a personal level as appropriate. Some example of member news:

  • Promotions and re-designation of titles e.g., lectureship/tenure track
  • Newly acquired designations relating to the field of African language offerings  
  • Retirements, achievement awards, etc. 

Deadline for receipt of article is January 31, 2018

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