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User Guidelines

To submit an abstract to be used to select papers to be presented at the 2013 NCOLCTL Conference, you need to create an account on this website.
Upon creation of an account, you will have an option to "enter a new submission".
Follow the prompts to submit your abstract.
There are 3 track types of papers that can be presented at the NCOLCTL 2013 Conference.

  • Colloquium - which requires a minimum of 3 presenters and should be 60 minutes long which includes discussion and questions.
  • General Paper - which is open to one or more presenters and should be 20 minutes long including discussion and questions. This type of paper is categorized according to topical themes such as LCTL Methodology, LCTL L2 Research, Technology in the LCTL Classroom etc or language group specific sessions. It is the author's responsibility to properly catergorize their paper.
  • Poster Presentation - these will be 20 minutes in length and may be in either: the traditional poster format, such as presentation of materials, or of research completed or in progress, or demonstrations of instructional or information technology.
  • To submit an abstract:

  1. Select the appropriate track for your paper from the given options.
  2. List any technological needs other than AV projector or screen for your presentation in the "Comments for Conference Chair" box. e.g. My presentation requires speakers, My presentation requires an internet connection etc. This is an optional entry. (It is assumed that all presenters will have their own laptops to attach to proided projectors).
  3. Add the co-authors of your presentation (This is especially important for colloquial presentations).
  4. Add the title and 250 word maximum abstract.
  5. Attach supplemental materials such as a page and a half long (max) proposal.
  6. Make sure that "submit" has been clicked at the end to submit your abstract.