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Skyway Builder CE is easy to learn and use, can be expanded for personal or business use, is transparent and gives you full access to the code underneath.

. Service Layer with service/operations/actions 
Data Layer with data type/data store/named queries 
View/UI Layer with JSP tags on JSP 
Controller Layer with controller/conversations/actions

With Skyway Builder CE, Java developers get an open-source Eclipse plugin that is 
centred on models and requires almost no hand coding to make RIAs and Web Services. 
This is the first plugin of its kind.
Some of the biggest companies in the world use model-based Skyway Builder and its iterative, enabling method Skyway Collaborative Software Delivery to make it easier for people to work together to develop and deploy SOA-based solutions. Skyway Builder uses Eclipse to make a modelling solution that is easy to use and very flexible. This solution combines coding and modelling in a way that makes it easy to build and deploy Rich Internet Applications and Web Services.

Skyway Builder is a model-centric solution for developing and deploying JEE Rich 
Internet Applications (RIAs) and Web Services.  The commercial version of Skyway 
Builder, Skyway Builder Enterprise Edition (EE), includes all of the features of Skyway 
Builder Community Edition (CE), plus: 
Web/EJB3 deployment 
Commercial JEE application server support (e.g. Oracle AS, IBM Websphere) 
Commercial DBMS support (e.g. Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server) 
Full Web Services consume/produce capabilities, including Contract First and 
Model First Development 
Integration with LDAP and Database security providers via Spring Security  
Transaction management capabilities for improved data integrity.
Skyway Builder EE is easy to learn and use, extensible for individual or corporate use, 
transparent with full access to underlying code, and compatible with a variety of 
open source and commercial databases and application servers. 
Skyway Builder EE is now GA.  If you are interested in taking a test drive of EE, 

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